Use Cases

TalkBackTime Lets Your Survey Respondents Talk Back

Add a TalkBackTime video survey to EVERY quantitative survey project
to gain a richer, personal perspective to your data
and to improve overall survey results


Gauge interest in new products or services. See how body language supports audience views

Customer Service

Measure service quality and watch customer attitude and beliefs shine through


Test messaging on new ad campaigns before they launch. Gather client video feedback for use in testimonials and case studies

Government Relations

Collect constituent comments on impact of legislation on their livelihood for use in lobbying activities


Gather input for employee performance reviews, level of engagement and job satisfaction. Screen job candidates

Uncover TRUE audience insight and opinion

through their video responses

Seetheir expression

Heartheir tone

Watchtheir body language

Experiencehow they feel

Don’t just let the numbers talk

It’s time for your surveys to talk back