Use Cases

TalkBackTime Lets Your Online Survey Respondents Talk Back

Add a TalkBackTime video survey to EVERY quantitative online survey project
to gain a richer, personal perspective to your data
and to improve overall online survey results


Gauge interest in new products or services. See how body language supports audience views

Customer Service

Measure service quality and watch customer attitude and beliefs shine through


Test messaging on new ad campaigns before they launch. Gather client video feedback for use in testimonials and case studies

Government Relations

Collect constituent comments on impact of legislation on their livelihood for use in lobbying activities


Gather input for employee performance reviews, level of engagement and job satisfaction. Screen job candidates

Case Studies

The Client

A trade association based in DC advocates for its business members across the country with policy-makers on Capitol Hill. Issues range from copyright laws, enforcement measures and incentive programs to encourage job creation, to name a few.

The Situation

In 2017, lawmakers in the Texas state legislature sought to eliminate important tax incentives in the Lone Star State that have previously served to help create jobs and investment for its members. The projects that receive rebates from the program add millions of dollars and thousands of jobs to the Texas economy. Legislation was proposed to kill funding and move those dollars to other, completely unrelated state programs. As in most political issues, lawmakers were divided on what to do. The Texas chapter of the national association took rapid action to preserve these rebates. Time was of the essence as a vote on the bill was approaching.

The Results

The supporters used TalkBackTime to rally actual feedback via video response from the Texan workforce whose livelihood would be adversely affected if the rebates were eliminated. Using the TalkBackTime application, citizens were polled to answer a single but crucial question: what would happen to their jobs if the budget was eliminated?Hundreds responded, sending heartfelt first-hand video accounts of why the funding was vital. These 30 second videos were sorted by zip code and electronically sent to the respective legislators based on district to urge funding continuance.TalkBackTime delivered a human element to statistics to highlight the importance of this industry’s presence in the Texan job market. At the end of the one-week crusade, the supporters won. It was an academy award-winning campaign. And TalkBackTime played a starring role.

Don’t just let the numbers talk

It’s time for your online surveys to talk back