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TalkBackTime, the new online video survey platform, lets your audience answer a survey question by recording a video – right from their smartphone or any device. Get candid and concise visual feedback.

See expressions, hear tone, watch body language

Since it’s so easy and effortless for your audience to respond,
more people respond!

Enhance Your Quantitative Research

Drive survey success

with easy and unique video survey response capability

Improve survey data analysis

by seeing respondents’ actual tone, mood and body language

Gain richer insights

from customers, partners, members, employees and other stakeholders

TalkBackTime Lets
Your Survey Respondents Talk Back

Marketers Use TalkBackTime to:

  • Gather video feedback for customer testimonials and case studies
  • Gauge audience interest in new products or services
  • Measure service quality
  • Test messaging on new ad campaigns before they launch
  • Watch body language to identify true opinions