New Cloud Software Is Officially Launched; Free Version Makes It Easy to Get Started


Washington, DC…October 1, 2019…TalkBacktime, the innovative online survey tool that delivers video clip responses, is now officially available across the country.  The cloud-based software transforms standard quantitative survey research by delivering qualitative feedback through the user-recorded video clips submitted through the platform. Marketers, researchers and customer experience executives can watch the body language, hear the tone of voice and witness the emotion from customers and stakeholders who respond to customer opinion polls and satisfaction surveys.

“Audience surveys using TalkBackTime come to life with video comments which add depth and detail to complete the picture,” explains Larry Rickel, President & CEO of the Broadcast Image Group.  “Without it, numbers can be interpreted in many ways– and not always the right way,” he adds.

TalkBackTime video response surveys enhance research by uncovering true audience insight and opinion.  Since it is so easy for survey respondents to reply, the product improves rates of survey completion, thereby providing a richer as well as a personal perspective to the data collected.

Survey recipients record their video response using the camera in their smartphone, laptop or tablet and hit the submit button. Videos are delivered directly back to the business account holder who can sort and view the results in the platform dashboard using any number of filters.  Companies can post relevant videos on their website as customer testimonials or include them in social media campaigns.

TalkBackTime online video surveys are already being used by more than 100 clients across a variety of industries including media, hospitality, associations, transportation, restaurants, education and more.

“We’re excited to see how TalkBackTime resonates with business leaders who need to keep their finger on the pulse of their customers, employees and partner experiences and interactions with their products and services,” says Allan Horlick, co-founder. “The software not only improves survey data analysis by seeing respondents’ actual tone, mood and body language but delivers user-generated feedback that can be re-purposed in a variety of ways.”

TalkBackTime offers custom Enterprise level solutions to fit any business or organization needs. Click here to sign up today. Visit for more information or to watch our video. Don’t just let the numbers talk, let your surveys talk back.