Businesses Can Now Offer Incentives to Audiences to Complete Video Response Surveys


Washington, DC…October 30, 2019…TalkBackTime, the innovative online survey tool that delivers video responses, now integrates with the leading digital rewards platform, Rybbon. TalkBackTime clients can now easily offer a range of gift incentives to their audiences to boost survey completion rates.  Rybbon’s automated rewards platform delivers a streamlined reward fulfillment process for a wide selection of Gift cards, Visa and Mastercard, prepaid cards and charitable donations. TalkBackTime transforms quantitative research by delivering qualitative visual feedback through the user-recorded video submitted through the platform.  Body language and tone of voice observed through the videos add a new dimension to audience feedback and analysis.

Together, TalkBackTime and Rybbon enhance the response rate of customer experience polls conducted by Marketers, Researchers and Brand executives.

“We made a deliberate decision to partner with and integrate the Rybbon platform instead of attempting to build it ourselves,” explains Allan Horlick, TalkBackTime co-founder. “We’re impressed by Rybbon’s simplicity, ease of use and expansive catalog of gifts.  We fully anticipate wide-ranging adoption of the Rybbon platform from among our diverse clients.”

“Rybbon perfectly complements the TalkBackTime software by adding an important rewards dimension to the survey information-gathering process,” comments Jignesh Shah, Rybbon CEO. “The role of incentives in motivating audiences to respond has been validated many times over. We are enthusiastic about extending our digital rewards platform to the clients of TalkBackTime,” he adds.

About Rybbon
Rybbon puts the power of gifting to work for marketers and market researchers through its extensive catalog of e-Gifts from top brands like and Panera. Rybbon also offers rewards suitable for international rewards programs, such as Visa and Mastercard prepaid cards rewards that work in over 150 countries. Rybbon integrates with top marketing & survey platforms like HubSpot, Marketo and others to make gifting easy and automatic.  Learn more about Rybbon at

About TalkBackTime
TalkBackTime online video response surveys are used by more than 150 clients across a variety of industries including media, hospitality, associations, eCommerce, transportation, restaurants, education and more.  Video feedback provides a qualitative dimension to complement quantitative research.

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