Company Co-founder Discusses How Video Response Surveys Innovate Audience Research


Washington, DC…December 16, 2019…TalkBackTime, the innovative online survey tool that delivers video responses, today announced that the Company co-founder is featured in a video interview on Target Marketing magazine’s “Tech Talk” Channel.  The Channel profiles innovative technologies for marketing executives nationwide.  The interview, which can watched online by clicking here, highlights the transformative role that the TalkBackTime survey platform plays in delivering qualitative visual feedback through the user-recorded video submitted through the platform.  Seeing user expression, hearing the tone of voice and watching the body language in the videos adds a new dimension to audience feedback and analysis that numbers do not convey.

“In many ways, TalkBackTime serves as a virtual digital focus group,” explains Allan Horlick, TalkBackTime co-founder in the interview. Instead of conducting a focus group session with only a dozen people in a room, now it can include hundreds or thousands of people across the country in real-time, he adds.

The speed and simplicity of enabling a survey respondent to simply record a video clip with their opinion drives audience participation.  Overcoming survey weariness is a common challenge facing marketers. Using TalkBackTime, obtaining more survey completions leads to more comprehensive and thorough user opinion profiles on the issues, products and services important to brand executives and market researchers.  Survey videos can be re-purposed easily in social media outreach and on corporate websites adding yet another user-generated content dimension to the TalkBackTime platform.

“Our special sauce is you’re looking at the face of the respondent,” Horlick says. “It’s a deep dive on how the respondents feel.”

About TalkBackTime

TalkBackTime online video response surveys are used by more than 150 clients across a variety of industries including media, hospitality, associations, transportation, restaurants, education and more. Video feedback provides a qualitative dimension to complement quantitative research. Visit for more information or to watch our video. Don’t just let the numbers talk, let your surveys talk back.