Be the stand-out station, reach your entire DMA, and embrace diversity by easily and seamlessly integrating viewers into your newscasts.

  • Increase ratings and page views through unique, differentiated content
  • Increase audience inclusivity by identifying underserved portions of your market
  • Replace wasteful and costly M.O.S. shots

Success Story: TalkBackTime Helps WRAL TV Station’s Viewers To Be Seen And Heard
WRAL General Manager Joel Davis saw WRAL realize its vision to get Your Voice up and running in January ’21, and it has since been met with a “huge response”.

“The concern was that to be able to represent the whole audience, we needed a tool to easily gather their thoughts on certain subjects.

It’s a pretty simple product, but one that is very fitting for the times we live in, when you need to make sure that all the voices are heard. ”

TalkBackTime can provide Broadcasters immediate cost-savings with seamless and painless newsroom integration.

  • Instantly curate by any demographic or opinion oriented questions for instant polling
  • Showcase viewer generated content both on-air and in online galleries
  • Enable News, Sports, Weather, Research, and Promotions departments to manage their own content

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