How It Works

It’s easy to get started sending online surveys

and receiving video replies and other data from your target audience.

Here’s How It Works

Online Survey

Go to the Create Online Survey page and enter your online survey question into the template. Set up additional questions and multiple- choice answers for your respondents. Schedule your online survey publishing date.


Choose the demographic or opinion filters that you need.

Optional Respondents

At your option, you can add a redirect which will send the respondent to any website or landing page. The respondent will be taken to the redirect screen immediately after submitting the survey response.

Survey URL

Multiple Points of Distribution. TalkBackTime will automatically create a unique survey URL. The tail of the URL can be shortened or you can create any custom URL that redirects to the auto-generated URL. The unique URL can be shared with potential respondents by e-mail, SMS text, social media, or any other form of promotion or distribution.


Next, just log into your account where you can watch the videos and review the data in real time on any device. View live KPIs on your private dashboard.


Analyze results and video responses against any combination of online survey questions and filters so you can easily drill down to specific targets and spot important trends.


Curate and share videos using galleries, post directly to social media, or embed on your own webpage.

Here’s what TalkBackTime users have to say about
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Vinay Kumar,

Host, Shomee Creators Podcast

Jon Rosa,

President & CEO, Thanks USA