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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create and send my video surveys directly from TalkBackTime?

Yes, you create the outreach online survey page and upload your desired contact list to send online surveys right from TalkBackTime.

How do I manage my account storage?

In the FREEplan, videos and data are automatically deleted every 48 hours. In the paid plans, you can manage storage by downloading the content to your own platform, by deleting content you don’t need or by upgrading to a higher tier.You will receive an automatic notification when your storage reaches 80% of capacity. We will include suggestions on how to proceed.

How can I sort the results of my online survey?

All of the videos and data you receive can be instantly sorted by adjusting the filter results to any questions and demographics you have included. The priceplan you selected determines the number of questions and demographic filters you can use.

Are the respondents required to record a video and answer all of the questions?

Videos and other responses can be made optional in your dashboard. Remember: the advantage of TalkBackTime is the video responses which convey the real mood and body language of your online survey recipient.

Will I be able to create multiple mailing lists?

Yes, in the paid plans you can create multiple mailing lists.

Can I reuse a previous online survey?

Yes, previous online surveys can be accessed from your dashboard. Simply republish it with a new date so you can compare results over time.

How mobile friendly is TalkBackTime?

TalkBackTime will work on any smartphone, tablet or PC without requiring the download of an app.

Can I print and export my online survey results?

Yes, you can export all data captured from a online survey to a spreadsheet.

How can I create a new online survey?

In your dashboard, simply click on the “CREATE NEW ONLINE SURVEY” button and the software will guide you through the steps.

How secure is TalkBackTime?

While your outreach can take place via e-mail and other platforms, the responses only go to your private, password protected TalkBackTimedashboard. No one else, including TalkBackTime personnel, will see the videos or the data.

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